RdpGuard Command Line Interface. Flexible brute-force protection for your Windows Server.
Intrusion prevention system for your Windows Server

RdpGuard Command Line Interface

Starting from the version 2.3.5 RdpGuard ships with the command line interface to provide you with powerful and flexible tool for automation tasks.

Please check the rdpguard-service-manager.exe file located in RdpGuard's installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\RdpGuard)

If you start it from the command line, the following output displayed:

  To report ip address: /report address comment
  Example: /report "OurApp brute-force attempt"

  To block ip address: /block address comment
  Example: /block "OurApp brute-force attempt"

  To unblock ip address: /unblock address
  Example: /unblock

  To unblock all ip address: /unblock *
  Example: /unblock *

  To list blocked ip addresses: /list
  Example: /list

  To activate license key: /lic YOUR-LICENSE-KEY
  Example: /lic AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD

  To deactivate license key: /delic
  Example: /delic
  To get maintenance days remaining: /maintenance
  Example: /maintenance

  To display whitelist entries: /whitelist list
  Example: /whitelist list

  To add whitelist entry: /whitelist add ip_address_or_range [optional comment]
  Example: /whitelist add

  To remove whitelist entry: /whitelist remove ip_address_or_range
  Example: /whitelist remove

  To put whitelist file: /whitelist put_file whitelist_file
  Example: /whitelist put_file C:\data\whitelist.xml

  To get RdpGuard version: /version
  Example: /version

Commands Description

/report address comment - report brute force attempt to RdpGuard, where address - attacker's IP address and the comment - any comment associated with the address. Attacker's IP address will be blocked when the number of attacks will reach the set limit. The limit is configured in Tools, Options, General.


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /report "OurApp brute-force attempt"

>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /report "Script Abuse"

/block address comment - block specified address with the comment using pre-configured blocking method and duration. The blocking method and duration is configured in Tools, Options, General.


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /block "OurApp brute-force attempt"

>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /block "Script Abuse"

/unblock address - unblock specified address. Use the * symbol to unblock all ip addresses.


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /unblock

>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /unblock *

/list - get list of blocked ip addresses


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /list
5 blocked IP addresses found

[Address]             [Block Date]          [Unblock Date]       [Comment]        27.11.2015 17:08:50    28.11.2015 17:08:50    RDP        27.11.2015 17:09:14    28.11.2015 17:09:14    RDP       27.11.2015 17:09:17    28.11.2015 17:09:17    RDP       27.11.2015 17:09:10    28.11.2015 17:09:10    RDP      27.11.2015 17:09:21    28.11.2015 17:09:21    RDP

/lic YOUR_LICENSE_KEY - activate license key


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /lic AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD

/delic - deactivate license key


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /delic

/maintenance - get maintenance days remaining


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /maintenance

/whitelist list - show whitelist entries


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /whitelist list
6 whitelisted IP addresses found

[IP Address or Range]              [Comment]                         comment                 comment

/whitelist add ip_address_or_range [optional comment] - Add whitelist entry and optional comment


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /add
>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /add
>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /add comment

/whitelist remove ip_address_or_range - Remove whitelist entry


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /remove
>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /remove

/whitelist put_file whitelist_file - Replace entire whitelist with new file


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /whitelist put_file C:\import\whitelist.xml

/version - returns RdpGuard version


>rdpguard-service-manager.exe /version

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