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Intrusion prevention system for your Windows Server

RdpGuard Help

Recommended Audit Policy Settings for RdpGuard

RdpGuard Whitelist. How to protect IP addresses from blocking

How to manually unban an IP address

How to filter the list of IP addresses

Protocols and services

RDP Protection Configuration

MS-SQL Brute-Force Protection

How to Enable and Configure FTP Protection

How to Enable and Configure SMTP Protection

IIS Authentication Protection

How to enable and configure MySQL Brute-Force Protection

ASP.NET Web Forms Protection

RD Web Access Protection

VoIP/SIP Protection Configuration

OpenSSH Protection

MS VPN (RRAS) Protection

Miscellaneous Help Articles

RdpGuard IP Cloud

Geo-IP Blocking

Custom Actions / Notifications

Advanced Blocking Settings

Command Line Interface

Plugin API - how to write plugin for custom logs

RdpGuard 9.7.9 Free Trial

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"This sotware is really great. It's a relief. Because my server is constantly under attack. Thanks RdpGuard" - Joaquim De Sousa Marques

"Nice product. I used to implement something similiar in a low-tech and cumbersome manner via a script called TSBlock (not mine). This makes it much easier and is well worth the pricetag for SMB's." - J. Johnson

"Absolutely amazed at your product. We are a church in the North Dallas area, and I discovered this morning multiple failed logon attempts via our Remote Access Server. A friend suggested your product, so I immediately downloaded the trial. It had a list of about five blocked IP addresses in minutes, and that was enough to lead me to push the BUY button. Over the past 10-15 minutes the list is now about thirty with at least a third being international attempts to break into our system. Thanks for a great product. You may have just saved us much grief." - John Hallford

"Love the software. RDP on our Windows servers is just ridiculous. We would block it in the router but we have lots of old-time customers that would have issues." - Scott Hirsch

"Love the software! Makes it easier than tailoring VB Scripts!!" - Nick Brennan

"It's a great product - really stopping those RDP attackers :-)" - Dave, UK

"First of all: Your application is very (!!!) useful and I like it very much securing my 2012 R2 server. RdpGuard is the best solution, I found on the market and after 10 minutes of testing it I ordered the fully-featured version. :-)" - Carsten Baltes

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