The Geo-IP Blocking beature - stop specific countries from accessing your server.
Intrusion prevention system for your Windows Server

Geo-IP Blocking

Geo-IP Blocking Overview

The Geo-IP Blocking feature allows you to block access to your server from specific countries.

You may choose one or multiple countries to block and RdpGuard will keep them from accessing your server. It will download the list of updated IP ranges each 24 hours and update the blocking rules accordingly.

To enable Geo-IP Blocking

1. Click Tools, Options

Open Tools, Options, Geo-IP

Open Tools, Options, Geo-IP

The RdpGuard Options dialog will open.

enable Geo-IP blocking

Check Enable Geo-IP blocking

2. Switch to the Geo-IP tab and check Enable Geo-IP blocking

3. Click Add, the Add Country dialog will open

add country dialog

The Add Country dialog

4. Select the country you want to block and click Add

5. Repeat steps 3-4 if necessary (but keep the list short)

6. Click Save to close options and save changes.

RdpGuard service will be restarted.

Known restrictions and limitations

Keep the list of blocked countries short

Some country IP blocks may contain thousands of entries and adding many countries may result in large list of blocked IP addresses, which may cause performance issues. Keep the list of blocked countries short.

This feature is not designed for use cases like:
allow access only for one country and block other countries.

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