SMTP Servers Dialog. Configure SMTP Servers for sending E-Mail Notifications.
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SMTP Servers

SMTP Servers Overview

SMTP Servers dialog allows you to view and edit SMTP servers used for sending e-mails by Custom Actions/Notifications

Main table displays SMTP servers defined by the user and corresponding parameters - Host, Port, SSL/TLS flag, User Name and Password.

smtp servers dialog

Smtp Servers Dialog

To Add SMTP Server

1. Click Add button

How to Add new SMTP Server

How to Add new SMTP Server

2. Add New SMTP Server dialog will open:

Add New SMTP Server dialog

Add New SMTP Server dialog

3. Enter SMTP Server details

Host - specify SMTP server to use for sending e-mails, for example,

Port - specify SMTP port, for example 587

Enable SSL/TLS - turn on if your server supports secure SMTP connections.

User name / Password - specify user name and password for SMTP authentication.

User name / Password fields are optional and may be omitted, for example for local SMTP servers.

4. Click Add new server

To Edit SMTP Server

1. Select SMTP Server you want to edit and click Edit

Edit SMTP Server

How to edit SMTP Server

2. Edit SMTP Server dialog will open:

Edit SMTP Server dialog

Edit SMTP Server dialog

3. Modify SMTP Server details

4. Click Save changes

To delete one or multiple SMTP Servers

1. Select one or multiple SMTP Servers you want to delete and click Delete

Delete SMTP Server

How to delete one or multiple SMTP Servers

2. Click Save

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