How to Block TOR Users and Ban TOR Exit Nodes to Enhance Website Security
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How to block TOR exit nodes from your server


TOR (The Onion Router) is a network that enables anonymous communication, which can be a valuable tool for those concerned about privacy and surveillance. However, its anonymity can also be misused for illicit activities. Here's why you might consider blocking TOR exit nodes from accessing your website:

  • Prevent Malicious Activities: Given the anonymity that TOR provides, it can be used to perform malicious activities such as hacking, spreading malware, or carrying out DDoS attacks. Blocking TOR exit nodes can help safeguard your website from such threats.
  • Reduce Spam: A significant amount of spam originates from TOR exit nodes. By blocking these, you can drastically reduce the amount of spam your website receives.
  • Mitigate Legal Risks: Some users may employ TOR for illegal activities on your website, potentially involving you in legal issues. Blocking TOR access can help avoid such situations.
  • Preserve Resource Bandwidth: Traffic from TOR can consume a substantial amount of bandwidth, slowing down your server's performance. Blocking TOR can ensure your resources are utilized effectively for your intended users.

It's worth noting that blocking TOR will also block legitimate users who use TOR for privacy reasons. Therefore, any decision to block TOR should take into consideration the potential impact on your website's accessibility and the demographic of your users.

How to configure RdpGuard to block TOR exit nodes

1. Launch RdpGuard Dashboard and click Tools, Options

Open Tools, Options, Geo-IP

Open Tools, Options, Geo-IP

The RdpGuard Options dialog will open:

enable Geo-IP blocking

Check Enable Geo-IP blocking

2. Switch to the Geo-IP tab and check Enable Geo-IP blocking

3. Click Add, the Add Country dialog will open:

add country dialog

How to block TOR Exit nodes from accessing your server.

4. Scroll down and select the TOR Exit Nodes (tor) entry and click Add.

5. Click Save to close the options dialog and save changes.

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